Misting Fan
Our Commercial Misting Fans effectively cool surrounding hot air up to 30 degrees, ensuring your guests will remember the event and not the heat. Our Misting Fans are perfect for keeping the crowd cool at your outdoor event. Great for Corporate Events, Fairs, Concerts, Festivals, Weddings and private parties.

$75 per rental


Tent Heater
Keep your guests warm and comfortable with our tent heaters. Tent heaters are essential for Montana events. 85,000 BTU and a separate thermostat for a consistent, comfortable environment. Super quiet operation allows you to enjoy your events. Can be placed outside of tent (with separate difuser) or placed inside. Operates as both fresh air circulator or a heater at the touch of a switch. Runs on propane, requires electricity for motors. 100 # propane tanks available.

$150 Rental PLUS propane (aprox $150 for average 8 hour event)

Patio Heater
Keep warm under on those chilly nights. Easy to set up (less than 5 minutes). Comes with 20# propane tank.

Heats approx. 10' area.
• Simple to assemble, no tools needed. No electricity
• Outdoor use only!
• Comes in a hard storage case
• 7' 3" tall & 49 lbs
• Heats quickly
• 40,000 BTU

$95.00/ Includes Propane/Delivery extra

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